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Published on: July 2, 2004

Well what does this world need, another Blog. Well for a while I was doing this over at slashdot.org but wanted more control over it, so here I am putting a blog on my web site. So here it is. Well for the first blog I have allot to put here. First I finally put up the money to buy some web hosting (thanks to the kind folks at www.ehostpros.com for hosting my site, give them a try if you are looking for cheap but good web hosting) Second I fixed up my web site a bit more so it is not so hard on the eyes. Third I have become the web master for the Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Schools web site, right now it is not much it is only in demo mode, but you can view it at www.PittsburghAreaLutheranSchools.org. So now I get to work on four websites, my churches web site (www.FirstTrinity.net) PALS and my own personal website. Maybe I should make my personal one better since I hope people will view it now. Forth at work we have a demo coming up on the 13th of July, oh joy of joy, I hate demos, the only good
thing about them is I get to do more debugging then normal. Ok I am an odd person I enjoy debugging. Well finally the Pittsburgh 3 rivers Regatta is coming up I think I just might bike down on the forth to watch the fireworks down at the point. The good thing is that one the way back is I probably beat all the drivers I be back home before half of them will be able to get on the highway.

I will put a copy of this on my Slashdot blog, but be pointing back to here.

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