Way to much time on this

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Published on: July 3, 2004

Ok here it is 2:06am and I am still working on my web site, this time I am downloading the whole thing to my Mac, so I have a back up. Since I have not really had a copy of it on my Mac. I am going to start to do the work on the web site on the Mac. I am going to drop the work I done on it from windows. So here I site as I pull the site down from the servers so I can edit one file, but at lest now I will have the data here. I still have to get the stuff for the Biking page going; right now all I have is the pics up there. I should put a real page there. I wish I could find a nice Mac web editor program.

Heck it is late the download does not need me to baby-sit it, and I can update that file tomorrow. So it is off to bed for me, umm sleep good.

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