A day spent mostly Biking

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Published on: July 3, 2004

Well today I went biking again. Well today Pittsburgh decided to close down the bike path at the point for the Regatta. The police said I was not even allowed to walk my bike though the point. And when I look at going down to the point they were charging to get in today because of the Regatta, well needless to say I am pissed about that, my tax money pays for the point and for the Regatta why the hell do I have to pay to get into something I have already paid for. Well I went on over to the North Shore, and watched the Regatta from there for a bit, even for the price of $1 it was over priced!! So I biked down the north shore path to Millville, stopped at a kawaka shop, I am thinking I might want to get one, but I will have to figure out some stuff, my pastor said I would need to find a storage place. He said it would be cool if I could find a place that rented storage near the river. The reason that he gave was good, I could then just bike down and kawaka from there. Well for now that is it, I have not eaten since breakfast and I am hungry so I am going to go scare up some food.

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