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Published on: July 30, 2004

Where does the free time go? I dont seem to have the free time I thought I would have more free time, I have tried to create more free time by going into work early in the day, but that time gets taken up faster then I could create it. Oh well, I am living more life in one day then most people do in a whole week. For tonight I plan on hitting the hay at around 10 so I can get up at 6 so I can get some biking in before my friend gets into town at 1pm. And next weekend I am going to get to do a lot of biking, my good friend the wards have asked me to give them and their friends a biking tour of Pittsburgh from a bikers eye view. That is going to be fun, but I will be limited to only 3 hours. Then the weekend after that I will probably be going to the Pittsburgh Reinsurance Festival with my family. Now that leaves the last weekend of the month unallocated for now. But since my sister will still be in town I should spend some time with them before they head on off out of town, that now puts me to the first week in September, and maybe I will take that weekend off to go up to Findlay OH to visit with Trish, then the weekend after that I will probably just call off of life, and do nothing but biking or something.

Other projects I would love to do, is to work with my pastor to put together a video tour of First Trinity.

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