Dunbar is a despicable company

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Published on: September 15, 2015

My dad made a post to Dunbar about their people illegally parking in handicap spots. The response they gave just floored me. They are very arrogant in the response. See for your self from the screen shot I took… (click to get a better view of the image)

Older Geeks/Nerds vs Younger Geeks/Nerds

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Published on: July 28, 2014

All my life I have hung out with the Younger Geek/Nerd set (18 to 35), and all of that time I have had one glaring problem with them. Their level of hate to any one who is a Christian. With them not always a good idea to even let is slip that you might be inclined to believe in God. One learns to deal with it, but there is always that nagging that if they found out you are a Christian you will be rejected by the group. I have had one tell me I should not be allowed to work as a computer programmer because I reject evolution.

As of late (about a year now) I am starting to deal with the Older Geek/Nerd set (tend to be 40+). And one glaring difference I have noticed. They are not as judgmental of people of Faith. In fact the last Sci-Fi con I was at I found out that they were having a real Christian service very early in the morning so the Christians can have church and not miss any of the Con, While I did not make use of it myself (I wanted to go to my old home church and see my old friends there as I was back in Pittsburgh for the con) But the fact that they would even consider the Christians and make a accommodation for us. I feel I can leave my guard down when I go to these cons. while they are not all Christian, I would not expect that nor would I want to force that. they accept us as one of them, I feel welcome, welcome so that I don’t have to fear that it might leak about my faith, and I can have more brain power set to having fun with them.

I was talking to one of my new friends (very nice lady) and she pointed out that I am no longer a Younger person I am 37, and maybe it time to move up to the older more mature Geeks/Nerds. Mind you the word used is mature not grown up. Mature as in more accepting those of different backgrounds.

To those of you that find yourself as one of the younger geek/nerd crowd, please please look at the older geeks, see how they interact socially with one and another. You don’t have to agree with what some one says or does or believe but please they are still human and deserve some level of respect. With the younger set I feel as an out cast even though they don’t know my religious and spiritual believes.

To those of you that find yourself as one of the older geek/nerd crowd, please please don’t change, I feel I have found a home for my geek side, I might be annoying some times, just tell me and I will pull back, I feel comfortable with you guys.

All of us have something we can learn from one and another, and the only way for that to happen is if we become humble look at the old geek/nerd crowd and try to emulate them a bit more. And this I think would make the geek/nerd world so much better.

With fear about the SCotUS about to distorty the future of cloud computing.

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Published on: May 11, 2014

I have decided to look at over the air DVR (I will not pay for subscription TV) I first looked at TiVo, but wow the monthly cost of that is well it would be cheaper to get cable. So now it it time to look at other options, I would say I am thinking of doing a Myth TV setup. But if any one has suggestion for a good cheap (aka reasonably priced) DVR setup let me know.

Hoping to get in shape

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Published on: May 11, 2014

I found a reasonable priced gym down here in Baltimore. I am going to give it a try, I figure at this time I am not doing anything after work on Tuesday and Thursday, so I could go down there for 1 to 2 hours and see if I can get something going.

Verizon FiOS limiting your choices

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Published on: May 6, 2014

Well I am angry. I decided I was going to setup to get broadcast TV, I go to get the converter, well a HDTV (small one, open box) was only $20 more, so I get it. The TV is fine but I go to hook up the antenna that the apartment building ran, only to find that when Verizon installed the internet they cut the cable (I guess they think that will force me to buy their TV, well news is I will not buy their TV) I will be calling to complain tomorrow, they cut it, I feel they have to fix it for free, and I will not be buying their TV service, the only way they will get me to use their TV service is if they can match the price of the over the air TV for the life time of the contract (and I doubt they will give away free TV)

Portal under Slackware

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Published on: May 2, 2014

A few days ago I installed steam just to see if I could get it installed under slackware, well here a few days later I finished the 19th level of Portal.

Yep I have xeye running

Steam on Slackware

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Published on: April 22, 2014

I was a bit board today while I was doing laundry so I thought I try installing steam on Slackware. It was surprisingly to easy to do. And the results (well see the screen capture below)


3 monitors now

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Published on: April 13, 2014

I ended up at a MicorCenter today. As I was browsing around, I thought about looking at video cards. before today I had 3 monitors but could only use 2 of them as my graphics card would not let me use 3 ports at the same time. I found a nice card for 130, that can handle up to 4 monitors (some day in the future I might get a 4th you never know)

Here is a screen shot of my desktop now, mind you the first monitor ends right at the start of the green box at the bottom of the screen, and the 3rd monitor starts at the end of the blue box at the top of the screen, it is nice to have so much room.



thumbHoly Week Music

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Published on: April 10, 2014

As Holy week is coming up next week here are some Holy Week Hymns as played by me on my tin whistle

Holy Week Music

also if you go to http://www.mikeoconnor.net/music you will find some other “music” I have done on the tin whistle.

Holy Week Music

The Resignation of Mozilla CEO for His Support of California’s Prop 8 – Greg Koukl, 4/8/14, Issues Etc

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Published on: April 10, 2014

A important listen all should listen to.

Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason Stand to Reason

* Duration 27:12, Published 4/8/14 6:04:43 PM

* Episode Download Link (11 MB): http://www.podtrac.com/pts/redirect.mp3/issuesetc.org/podcast/15070408144.mp3

* Show Notes: http://issuesetc.org/2014/04/08/4-the-resignation-of-mozilla-ceo-for-his-support-of-californias-prop-8-greg-koukl-4814/

* Podcast Feed: Issues, Etc. (http://www.issuesetc.org/podcast/podcast.xml)

Gohper (yes Gopher even today)

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Published on: March 30, 2014

I been starting to play around with Gopher on the internet. The problem I was having is I did not have any local clients, took me a few days to find a CLI one. I really don’t like the GUI one, it seems to have some problems, but since I did have some trouble with finding the clients, I thought I would include in this post the client software I found, just to help any one else that might want to try to get on gopher.

X windows Gopher client

Command line Gopher Client (CLI)

New FVWM setup

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Published on: February 28, 2014

I been playing with how FVWM is display on my computer as of late, mainly 2 new options in the config file one is to change the windows dressing around the open windows, and the other to force all windows to have dressings (this one is not shown in the Screen shoot, but it mainly for eclipse, so when I pull a tab out into its own window I can still resize it)

Latest UI setup
Latest UI setup

My current backup setup

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Published on: February 17, 2014

Right now my current backup of my data is as follows.

My desktop computer and my laptop computer both have btsync (http://www.bittorrent.com/sync/downloads) my main document files, this also replicate to a in home server (I also btsync my music folder to the in home server too) I then have a Virtual computer that I get though Digital Ocean (https://www.digitalocean.com/) I use this also for my SVN server for my personal projects) that also gets the btsync of my main data directory.

The next step on my backup system is I use cron to do backing up of my main data directory, I have a script that is kicked off that will make a tgz of my main data directory and places it in ~/backups/backup.tgz then at 1am on Sunday I have crontab scp the Sunday backup (the one that would have been taken only an hour earlier) to my Digital Ocean server.

SDF.org and the non-web internet

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Published on: January 18, 2014

I am probably one of the few, but I miss the old non-web internet. What is the non-web internet you might ask, that would be irc, usenet, etc. There are several protocols that existed on the internet, and were used and even existed before http (the web).

This longer for the older internet (mind you I am not saying the new internet that we have is bad, I enjoy it a lot, I am just saying I miss the older stuff too) I have started playing with a service out there over at sdf.org it is a unix shell access system. They have a local community going that you can talk with in real time (ala irc) using the com command and they have a text based BBS system going (bboards) It kind of fun to be connection to remote shell accounts instead of just consuming web pages.

So now I have my personal cloud computer out on the internet that I pay for at Digital Ocean (Digital Ocean that I use for a svn server, and backup of my user data. I play on using it for some tomcat work later on in time. I have access to a true time share system over at sdf.org there are people there chatting on the roof all the time (I finally found an active chat area that you don’t have to access via the web) if you join up there look for me, my login is mpop. I been going though the old IRC servers not finding much life around there.

Been having fun with those so far, next I just have this urge to see if I can pull together a gopher client and explore there a bit, just to see if there is anything still on that area.

Also who remembers AIM for instant messenger, no I am not saying you should have been on aol, but almost every one had AIM at a time, that was after ICQ. I wonder if SMS has truly killed IM or have people just forgotten of IM.

Another thing I have worked on was instead of continuing to read email off a web interface. I have moved to a command line type email client, the email will still be stored on the gmail servers and my email of mpop@mikeoconnor.net will still work, but I am using older technology that still works, to pull in my email over imap to read it, then stmp (authenticated) to send it so for no one will see a change in how I read my email except for me.

I am setting up my computing setup to look and feel old school for the most part, while at the same time enjoying some of the latest tech, the best of both worlds. Come join me in a lark in the jungles of the internet that still exists and many don’t try and there we will find ourselfs and have fun doing it, and find things that the non-geeks could only imagine.

Linux Love

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Published on: January 15, 2014

From time to time it happens, I will site down to the computer, and for a moment, I will feel the love I first felt in 97 when I first installed Linux on my first computer.  Fort tonight that was working on my private cloud server (Linux based) after that, I started pocking around a service called sdf.org (basically it is a Unix server out there that they give you access for free)

So tonight started with me doing some securing of my home computer, my laptop computer, and my cloud server. Setting them all up with ssh to reject any password logins and only accept shared key logins (RSA encryption) after doing that I headed over the the sdf.org site made an account there and added my public key on their system so I can login via encryption there too. I always forget how fun Unix/Linux is. I am sure many of my readers will not even understand the love for a command line access to a computer, but the power is nice. And on the sdf.org system they have a system wide chat system called com, now that is worth the free cost to get in just to chat there.

Next things on my Tech diet is to do an update to the Issues Etc app for Android, so it can list prior shows and let the user select them and listen to them)

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