Internet connection fail over for my home network.

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Published on: February 26, 2021

The latest thing I done for home network, is I set it up to connect to my T-Mobile hot spot if the main ISP goes down (this has not happened in the 6 years I have had Verizon, but it could away happen) So the plan is if the router losses connection to the internet via my Gbit connection it can switch over to the T-Mobile hot spot. True the Mobile Hot spot is much much slower then the Gbit connection but something will always be better then nothing. I have tested it, it takes a bit of time for the switch over, but the network really does not see a difference when the switch over happens all it sees is the internet is unreachable for about 30 to 60 seconds, then it come back. I have tested this and it works well enough. So now I plugged the hot spot into the main power line instead of leaving it just on the battery. I can still unplug it an take it with me when I go somewhere (if we are ever allowed to go back to our lives again, and these stupid lock downs ever end, but for now since we are still stuck at home and pretty much not allowed to go anywhere, it not an issue, the hot spot can stay plugged in, I can finally use it again after almost a year of having it and not using it, sure I am still not using it, but it there for a backup now)

Truth is it not an ideal solution, as it only has 10GB of usage allowed a month, I want to look into if I can white list what devices will stay online when it on the fail over, and what does not. No reason my consoles should stay on line, but I would want the security cameras around my home to stay on. My game computer can loss connection, but my work computer I would want to stay on. Things like that. So I have some things to look at for the weekend to see if I can set that up in the new router.

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