If you told me I would post something like this in the 90’s or early 00’s I would call you crazy

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Published on: February 27, 2021

Last week my guitar teacher and I had problems again with google duo connection for my weekly lessons, this is one of the issues we have had with google duo. The other issue is it only half duplex, not idea while taking music lessons, as when I am playing the guitar I can not hear my teacher. Well last week was for me the breaking point with google duo, as I missed my lesson as I never got notification of the call from my guitar teacher. So I suggested we at lest try MS Skype this week, he had not used Skype for a lesson before, and I was willing to try anything other the duo. Well we rescheduled my lesson for Friday (yesterday) We did not have any issue on connecting. and he even noted the audio was a lot clearer then it was on Duo. Also getting the sound into the computer is much easier as I have an old M-Audio that I had not been using and it has a guitar plug on it. So the music from the guitar was even clearer. Also I could hear my teacher when I was playing my guitar, Skype apparently is full duplex instead of half duplex like duo.

And what did I mean when I would not have believed you about this post in the 90’s or early 00’s, well back then I was extremely anti-Microsoft. I am still not a fan of Microsoft, but I will give it to them Skype apparently is a good piece of software. And my guitar teacher and I have agreed we will use it in the future. I am thinking I should scan my music into the computer so I can look at the screen while playing the guitar.

I still have Linux on all my personal computers (except one, and that is 8 computers all running Linux, and I very rearly use the window box, I am not counting the work laptop as that is not mine)

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