Setup my own DHCP server on one of my Raspberry Pi

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Published on: January 28, 2021

I setup one of my Raspberry Pi’s to server as the DHCP server for my home network as I was not happy with the built in DHCP server on the router that Verizon supplied. First issue, is it wanted to be the DNS server for the network and only go out to my DNS when it had not cached the requests. I wanted all requests to go to my DNS server not the router. There are statistics I would like to see as in which device is making what requests. If I used the DHCP server for the router it would send out itself as the DNS server and not the IP address I wanted as the DNS server. So on the dashboard it showed all the requests coming from the router and not from where they are really coming from.

So by setting up my own DHCP server and turning the DHCP server of the router off, I can have what I want, the way I wanted it. Plus in the future I can setup network segmentation (which I know I should do, especially for the devices I have for the IoT on my home network they should be segmented off to a separate network)

Also I can now see what each device is looking for. After I did this I found the router was making a lot of requests for a site, that turns out to be a data mining site for Verizon (people thing that Verizon is using that domain to collect data to sell to advertisers, or so the people on the Pi-Hole sub redit belive) I never saw that request on the Pi-Hole as the router was making so many requests I never could sort things out. Now it only making requests for itself and I can see them. That domain went on the blacklist.

Next task is to get bind going so I can send the names of the systems and their IP address to my Pi-Hole so it knows what to send out when I type in the names.

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