My next network project for my home network

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Published on: January 27, 2021

I am not happy with the lack of control over the DHCP setting I have on my router from Verizon and thinking I want to setup a DHCP server on one of my Raspberry Pies, so I can have better control of how my network is configured. Such as I don’t need the router to cache the DNS then make the request on behave of the connected devices. There is no reason for it to cache for things, I can understand it might be nice if you use an external DNS server as it might save you a few ms, but since it is inside my own network it costs more in ms then it saves. Plus it messes up the statistics on the Pi-Hole. Plus when I had to change routers last time it caused issues as I had to setup the whole network again on the router, if I can pull more and more stuff off the router to my own network that would work nicely.

After that I should look into a squid proxy, that could speed things up a bit. Not that I really need it with a Gigabit connection but could be something interesting to look into.

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