My thoughs on the state of gaming

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Published on: November 18, 2017

First so you understand me, here is my history with video gaming.

Growing up my family had a 2600.
In my early teens my sister got a Saga Genesis (the same christmas I got a computer)
Later on both my sister and I got the original Game Boy
Finally in 2001 after I finished college and moved out of my parents place, and got a Gamecube.
This year when the Switch came out I thought I would try to get back into gaming, and since I have more monetary resources available then I had in the past, I went all out. I got a PS4, 2DS-XL, Switch, and Vita (order by how much I like them at this point)
I went with console as I did not want to deal with windows on my computer, all but one of my computers are Linux (slackware) and the one that is not Linux is a NetBSD box.

So being semi-new to the current gaming situation I been shocked, by micro-transaction situation. And I am wondering what happened to gaming? Yes I know companies need to make money and I don’t begrudge them that, but with all these micro-transaction, and the attempt to force users to buy them or you will be at a disadvantage at the game against those that bought a them (pay to win). It just feels like the companies that are doing these things are just out to rip off the consumers.
I have watch the recent explosion that happened with EA and BF2, and was wondering if I made a mistake getting back into video gaming. I know at this time Disney has force them to turn off the micro-transactions for now, but how long till they bring them back? Back in Oct when I read about this, I canceled my pre-order on Amazon, and I have not gotten the game at this point, and have 0 plans to get the game.
I am wondering what happened to EA, back on my Gamecube I had the NHL hockey 2005, I had great times with it, a friend and I played a full season on it, we created a custom team, turned off penalties, and played a violent checking game. It was a great time. But now it seems like EA is more concerned with making a quick buck, rather than making a game people will enjoy.

Mind you I am not talking about DLC. I have read bad things about DLC, but with the few games I have played since I got the PS4 (Horizon Zero Dawn, Just Cause 3, Borderlands 2,South Park the Stick of Truth) the DLC did not seem like I was getting ripped off they felt like they were adding to an already completed game or did not have a DLC, and when I read about the HZD DLC, I had no issue pre-ordering the DLC for it, it was a great game (my favorite video game to this point) and I felt it was a great game.
Also I am not even talking about cosmetic loot boxes, yes I hear those that say that this is where the issue started and I can fully understand that, at the same time they don’t feel like the company is forcing you to by them. Now when you look at EA, and the patterns that came out from EA on how to try to force players to buy loot boxes. It just feels wrong, and not something I really want to be a part of.

I currently have other hobbies that could easly fill the time that I play video games on (sure it only 3 to 5 hours a week) I play board and card games with friends, Pencil and Paper D&D, ham radio, playing with technology. So I wondering if getting back into video games was a mistake if this is where the industry is going on milking the customer. While I have not had many game consoles in my life is this a last console for me? Don’t get me wrong, the time I played the games listed above I have enjoyed, but when I see people say micro-transactions are the way the industry is going and that it is the future I have to ask myself is this something I want to deal with in the future?

So the question is, is this where gaming is going? Maybe the issue is not gaming but Disney promoting gambling? With Star Wars being about gambling now, do I even want to see the next Star Wars movie, am I feeding this beast/problem if I see the new movie?

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