Further work on ridding my personal development of IDEs

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Published on: April 1, 2016


As I have don’t some work on my computer to prep for the day where I don’t need an IDE for Android development (also this work is making me think I might not need an IDE for any kind of development) This is what my screen has turned into as I done work on it today, there is some Java code there, a few ssh out to other computers. A web browser and all kind of stuff set up on the screen, you will see my second favorite x-windows application, xterm all over the place. Now this is an development environment. Playing with all this stuff here at home makes me wish I could do this same kind of setup at work. Emacs runs faster then Eclipse, and both Emacs and Eclipse puts IntelliJ to shame, I still can not get over the 40 minute load time for IntelliJ. Eclipse is up in 2 to 4 minutes, and Emacs is up in seconds.

I guess that what you get when a company wants all developers to use the new “hotness” well for me I am giong to back away from the “hotness” and go with the old school, I can make it work. I have one last task to cover and that is how to design a Android interface with out one of the IDEs.

Also part of my work today was to remove the need for a separate program to interface with my SQL databases with, I have found and installed a nice SQL mode setup for Emacs. Yes Emacs can do it all.

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