I guess this Blog has gotten a new life in it.

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Published on: November 27, 2015

My blog has not been updated in a long time. But now I have updated it a few times this month. Not sure where I will be going with this blog, but that is ok it is just a personal website and blog, so it does not really need a direction. To those of you that still read this site, I am surprised and thank you. We will see where this blog and new web server goes. I have already made use of the fact that I can have tomcat7 running on it, I have put up for a friend a demo of some code I could do for her, going to be showing it to her tomorrow. It is nice that I now can make use of my skills as a Java/Struts2/JavaScript/JQuery programmer and have some more fun on the other side of this computer, and maybe try out some random stuff. I am no longer stuck with what a limited version of php will do, I can go in and make use of my skills that I use most days at work. It did take some setting up, there are still things to be setup but for tomorrows demo I do not need to get the last part going till later. I just need to link up the SQL database and tie it into the program I am playing with.

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