Verizon FiOS limiting your choices

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Published on: May 6, 2014

Well I am angry. I decided I was going to setup to get broadcast TV, I go to get the converter, well a HDTV (small one, open box) was only $20 more, so I get it. The TV is fine but I go to hook up the antenna that the apartment building ran, only to find that when Verizon installed the internet they cut the cable (I guess they think that will force me to buy their TV, well news is I will not buy their TV) I will be calling to complain tomorrow, they cut it, I feel they have to fix it for free, and I will not be buying their TV service, the only way they will get me to use their TV service is if they can match the price of the over the air TV for the life time of the contract (and I doubt they will give away free TV)

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