Netscape said it years ago, and it is coming to pass

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Published on: September 8, 2012

Years ago back in the late 90’s Netscape said that the internet would replace the OS. It has taken almost 2 decades but we are there now. As things move to web apps, the OS is no longer important. I right now type this on a Linux desktop, but I could be doing it on an Android Tablet/Phone or the competitor to Android. OK you might be thinking big deal a blog that no one cares about, but let me put out there Google Docs/Drive. I recently dropped all of my Windows systems and moved everything over to Slackware (see prior posts) I have not had the need to get an MS Office replacement because I can do my Word Processing and Spreed Sheets right in Google Docs. So the need for an office suit is going to be less of a need, especially since I can load a Office document into Google Docs edit it there, and if need by download a Word version of the document. So why as a end user at home would I need to spend over $100USD for software that I don’t need, what features would Office give me that I need as a home user that I don’t get though Google Drive/Document. And with more and more stuff moving to the Android system (and the competitor’s system) and Web Apps the need for this OS or that OS really is not that big, as long as the OS can run a Web Browser for most things people are set, for Taxes most tax software places now offer web based versions also. So unless you are a gamer (ignoring vault) the OS will not affect your ability to do things (well outside of some OSes do have a issue with stability and melware)

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