Developing code on an Android Tablet.

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Published on: September 21, 2012

I read an artical in Linux Journal about being able to do development “in the cloud” was an intersting artical, it was very ipad centric, so I set out tonight to see if the same could be done on an Android Tablet. Well the anser I found is yes it can easly be done. And I am not talking about just doing code for the device (and simulare OS devices) but even just standard C/C++ and Java. Well I was able to match basicly what he did and that is to have a command line connection to a Linux box and use an editor (he used vim, I tested with Emacs, more complex key combonations in my test) and foudn with an app called Termial IDE, it leaves you at the bash shell in Android, but a quick ssh to my home box gave me full blown Linux (much as he did in his artical) I was able to load up screen (for the occationnal disconnects that could happen over a mobil network) and fire up Emacs. From there I editied a file Ctrl-X and Ctrl-C’ed it (I did not want to save the changes but if those Ctrl keys work then the Ctrl-S should work). Well I was able to get done what I wanted. Next I though that it would be nice to have a more local dev system on the tablet to see if that could be done. Found an app called Anjedi, this is more specific to Android Java deveolpment, but I was able to get from my SVN server (it also supports GIT for those of you that use GIT) and edit some XSLT and other files, so I can see this also as a good option, I am sure there are some other tools out there that can be used but my goal was to see if I could repeat what this guy in the Linux Journal Artical did with the ipad on an Android Tablet, and the anser is yes. Now would I like to work like that very often I don’t think so, but for the quick grab my tablet and bluetooth keyboard it can work.

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