What a morning

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Published on: February 17, 2010

Well this morning I am on my way to work. Driving up to an intersection (going maybe 5 MPH) some one in front of me coming to a Yield sign, we both look to the on coming road and see traffic coming, the person in front of me stops, I go to stop, nothing, try the breaks again nothing, shit there is ice. I look to the left, if I go there, I will get rammed by a car, if I do nothing I will ram the care in front of me, look to the right, see a snow “wall” thinking well that should stop me. I turn my wheel to the right, and pray that I can still control the car, while keeping my foot on the breaks. Well I do hit the “wall” of snow, but instead of stopping it breaks, turns into a ramp and

Good news is that no one hurt, and no damage to the car.

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