At the Lamb’s high Feast We Sing

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Published on: November 7, 2009

I love the hymn that I titled this post after, the church I am going to in Alexandria, VA we sang it on Sunday and it has haunted me all week, I just love that hymn.

The music

here are the lyrics
I wish I could play this hymn on my Tin Whistle, but the problem is that it goes down the middle C and the tin whistle stops at the D just above the middle C. I guess I could try to transpose the tune up a few steps to the key of D (going from the current G and go up to the key of D) But I fear if I do that I might also move some of the higher notes in the hymn above the range of the Tin Whistle.

It is such a great Easter hymn, we sang it as a Eucharistic hymn on Sunday, and it does fit both well, but when we sung it on Sunday I was drawn to Easter, but of course we should be drawn to Easter every Sunday as in the the Sacraments we receive the gifts of the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

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