What a day

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Published on: October 29, 2006

Well today was a bit long. After church today, we had our yearly Octoberfest, then after that we went to First Lutheran in Sharpsburgh. Finally after I and Joe got back we started to practice the Christmas Carols that we are planning to play on Dec 1. We have some work to do. He and I have to start to learn each others timing. here were some Carols that we just clicked on and it was almost as only one instrument was being played even though he was on the piano and I was on the Tin Whistle.
One thing that I am excited about the fact that I can play a few Christmas Carols. Back when I started learning the Tin Whistle, that I first mentioned here, in the post titled Chapters, I hoped that by December that I could play one or two, but I am look at about 14 Carols that I have been working on and have hope of really being played ok.
I will also post pictures of the Pittsburgh Reformation Celebration later on when I get them loaded on my computer.

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