What a day of biking

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Published on: July 4, 2006

Well today I biked out to my parents home. Today I finally defeated 18th street, going up Mt. Washington. I am so happy that I defeated Mt. Washington, but my legs are going to give me major trouble tonight, but it is worth it, I can now say I beat Mt. Washington. I did something like 30 miles today. A lot of it was going up and down hills.

  1. Rob says:

    Good job! Mt. Washington is a pain. Back when we had the improperly geared diesel ambulance, I was once going up 18th with lights, sirens, and the pedal floored — and I was passed by a cyclist. And we’re not talking a “Lance Armstrong wannabe,” either.

  2. Thanks Rob, 18th is a hard road to do, but it was one of my goals this year. My other goals this year is to be able to do 1000bls (yes one thousand pounds) on the leg press, I am up to about 720bls (yes that is seven hundred twenty pounds) and my other goal is 1000 miles on the bike. I am well on my way to meet my other goals.

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