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Published on: July 9, 2006

Well today I finally saw in the Tour De France something I have wanted to see since last year. Some one in the break away group win a stage, well it looks like Sylvain Calzati (of Team AG2R Prevoyance) did just that with the second place winner being 2:05 behind him. It was cool to finally see that. But I will admit it was not as exciting as all the other stages where the fight was at the very end of the race. But it was fun to see a break away rider win the stage.

  1. Rob says:

    I wish they’d show it on something other than OLN.

    Last year, I blogged the race; this year things were too hectic. You did find the TDF blog, right?

  2. No Rob I did not see the TDF blog, could you post a link to it?

  3. Rob says:

    There’s a post on my blog about info sources for the “Tour de France.”

    Initially I tried to post it here, but your spam blocker complained. No problem, I understand. Hey, I got a post out of it!

  4. Denny KB3IBY says:

    Le Tour de France is a pretty cool race to watch. I was also happy to see the breakaway succeed. I can’t wait until they hit the mountain stages. The shots on TV don’t do justice to how steep some of the climbs are tho’.

  5. Thanks Rob. I still have to look into putting a image verification in, then maybe I can get rid of the word filter.

    Again thanks for putting it on your blog. Also if you ever have a comment you want up, and have trouble with the spam filter, you are welcome to put a place holder comment up, and email me the real post and I can place it up.

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