My leg cramps

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Published on: July 12, 2006

I have blogged about it before, about how I have had leg cramps. Since that time the leg cramps were getting really bad. Well I think I finally found something that helps with my leg cramps. I picked up some Protein drink mix, and it has helped. How did I come up with Protein as a solution, it seams so odd. Well on Saturday the 1st I just had this insane craving for hamburgers, and I ended up downing 5 burgers (yes 5, probably not the best for my health) and that night I noticed that my leg cramps were not as bad, they were still there, but much less. So the next day I went down to GNC and got a small pack Protein drink mix, the stuff tasted horrible but it was working on keeping the cramps away. I got a small pack just to see if it would work or not. Sunday night I decided to see if it really was the Protein or maybe a placebo affect so Sunday night I did not drink any nor on Monday morning, by the time I got to work on Monday morning I was in major pain from leg cramps. I also ran out of the first pack I got back on the 2nd, so I ended up back at GNC to get a new pack and bigger. I got one that had a different flavor to it. The new one does not taste as bad.
Now my question is, why the heck does Protein help with the leg cramps, from what I could find on-line is that protein can cause leg cramps but I found nothing about it helping with alleviate them. I will admit it does not get ride of the fully, but it helps a lot.

  1. Caroline says:

    Does it have magnesium in it?
    I use to use about a 1/4 tsp. of epsom salts which are magnesium and they would go away.

  2. No it does not have magnesium, in fact I have tried magnesium in the past (400 mg) and that did not help.

  3. Caroline says:

    How about potassium? Just curious.

  4. 99Mg a day, and none in the protine mix. Also I am tring (in other suppliments) I have tried in the past calcium, Vitem A, D, B, etc.

  5. Loran says:

    Try Tonic Water

  6. Jack says:

    Why tonic water?

  7. Dale says:

    Why tonic water? Because you want the cramps to go away. I’m 55 years old and have suffered from occassional severe muscle cramps all my life. The last three years, I’ve also suffered from night leg cramps virtually every single night for hours on end. Night leg cramps are not as severe but they are miserable and make you lose alot of sleep. I started drinking 6 ounces of tonic water before bed about six months ago and from the first night, the cramps are virtually non-existent. I’ve also found that when I get hit with a severe muscle cramp (thigh, calf, groin, shoulder, stomach, neck, etc.) that I can drink some tonic water right then and the cramp will go away much more quickly than any other method I’ve tried. The secret of tonic water is the quinine it has in it. It’s the only way you can get quinine without a prescription. I was told this secret remedy by a medical doctor who had learned about it from his old aunt. I’ve told alot of people about it and every single one tells me that it has helped them. It’s pretty nasty tasting at first but I got used to it after a couple of weeks and actually like it now. My favorite brand is Mixer (diet), sold by Walmart for 50 cents a liter. Cheap medicine for cramps. Try a bottle if you have night leg cramps, you will not believe the difference and that no doctor has ever told you about this remedy. I wish I could patent it, I’d get filthy rich. Let me know if it works for you.

  8. Alex De Lara says:

    Oh gosh ! I am going to try the Tonic Water right away !
    I can go through the whole Summer without cramps but as soon as fall starts, the drop in temperature on cools my legs and causes the cramping.
    I knew about quinine in Tonic Water and that’s what makes it tastes bad… I hate the stuff since I was a kid, but if it’s for a good cause, I will try it too.

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