Ben Roethlisberger’s Bike Accident

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Published on: June 12, 2006

I know this will make some people mad at me, but I am going to put the following post up about Ben Roethlisberger’s Bike crash. First I hope he makes a full recovery. But I can see some good coming out of this crash. No I don’t have it in for him, but Bikers and Bicyclists share a common problem, and that problem is that drivers just don’t see us. I have had many near misses that are setup the same way I have heard that Ben’s accident happened. I am sure all Bicyclists and Bikers have also had many near misses just the same way, and may others. Maybe after this the drivers of Pittsburgh might be more aware of other non-car and non-truck vehicles on the road, such as Bikers and Bicyclists.
Also I want to touch on the point of him not wearing a helmet, all I can say to that is STUPID STUPID STUPID, to go out on a Motorcycle or a Bicycle without a helmet is just asking to get a major head injury, the drivers in their cars are to busy talking on their cell phones, stuffing their face with food from the locker fast food joint, or reading the news paper (I have seen this many time), or watching TV (hard to believe, but I have seen this many times). Every one who rides a Bicycle or a Motorcycle should a helmet, it not a question of if you will be hit, but when. I will admit I have not been hit by a car (yet, knock on wood) and I been biking for 2 and a half years now in the city, so I am well over due, I just dread the day, but I am not going to get off the bike. I do have yet another photo of a another bad driver I will be putting up on my web site later today, some one that almost hit me yesterday.
I also want to say, I bet if it was not Ben Roethlisberger that got hit today by that women, but some other person, me or any other famous person that the woman would not be in jail, but just have ticket written up for her, then she would have been on her way, I believe she is in jail only because Ben is a local hero. I am not excusing what she did, but I just think that the law should be applied equally to all. I read a forum on line, call Bike Forum, and they have posted several times in the past news stories about people being killed on bicycles by drivers being reckless and the driver only getting a minimum fine. So I see a disparity there.
Ok, now that I have attacked many things in this story, let me just say, I hope and pray that Ben does make a full recover, has not head injuries and no lasting pain from this accident.
No let me go put on a flame retardant suit as I prepare for most of the city of Pittsburgh gets ready to flame me for this post.

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