Trying to buy a new Irish Tin Whistle

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Published on: May 31, 2006

Well back on the 3rd I ordered a new Irish Tin Whistle, the company I ordered it from, has not sent it yet. Good thing though is that they have not charged my card for either. But I have tried to contact them. I sent them 3 emails last week, and one today, I tried to call during their business hours (11am to 3pm central time) I started to call at 1pm, and when the line was busy I would tell my cell phone to continue to call until the line became free, but it was busy till 4pm (local) at witch point I just got the answering machine. That happened for the last 2 days. Well after all that, I figure that they probably do not want my business, so I going to cancel the order with them, and order a new Tin Whistle from another place, if the first can not even let me know what is up with my order within a week from the first email, I guess that they just don’t want my business. I really want a better Whistle then the one I have now, but I don’t want to want over a month to get it from the point I ordered it, it is not like I ordered a handmade one.

1 Comment
  1. Em says:

    lol, Good luck, I order some last year because of free shipping took four months to get to me. Well worth the wait.:)

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