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Published on: May 31, 2006

Today I got an email from some one that wants to put an ad on my web site. I will say I am happy that they are not just spamming my site, so I will give them a plus there. But I am thinking I wish to decline it, since my site is one of the few sites still out there that does not have ads on it that I am paid to put up. So I wish to ask the regular readers what they think. I am thinking I will send a reply back to them tomorrow evening, what ever I do, I do want to encourage groups to ask for ad space on sites, and not just do comment spam.

One thing I don’t like is many sites have so many ads on them that one can not see the content that you are going for, and I don’t want to let even the first step in that direction happen.

  1. Quinn says:

    A number of bloggers are kind of down on advertisements; there’s even an icon available at:

  2. Jason says:

    I think you should only do it if the money is right. If they’re offering fair and reasonable per-click compensation, then go for it. Don’t let them rip you off!

  3. Anonymous says:

    that’s funny, an ad for being ad-free. I guess it depends on the ad itself. If it’s relevant to the content – either biking, radio, *gasp* politics, etc, then maybe, since it’s what you write about and people might be interested. If it’s an ad for a drug or something else irrelevant or stupid, then no. Make context-sensitive ads and make sure they don’t use doubleclick – that corporation shares its data across domains, so if you click on one ad on one domain, all other ads on other domains will switch to your new interests. Good idea as far as business, scary, as far as ethics. Of course, if it’s a religious ad, it might make you look even more like a religious nut that we all enjoy reading =]

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