My commute home today

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Published on: May 25, 2006

Today on my bike ride home, coming up on Neville St. I was close to the top, so I went to up shift since I wanted to be able to get some speed up when I got to the top of the hill. So as I shift, I feel all resistance on the chain gone, I look down and the chain is broken and wrapped around the front gears. This is an irritant to me, the chain is about only a month to 2 months old, and has only about 175 to 250 miles on it. I am just wondering why on earth the chain would brake with so little miles on it. I will be getting 2 new chains soon, one to replace the broken one, and a spare in case such a thing happens to me again.

1 Comment
  1. One more evidence for the fact that things can get broken.
    You must have used the bike very intensive or the chain had a defect.

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