Biking to work

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Published on: May 24, 2006

Well since I started the new job at Union Switch and Signal (I started back on March 20th) I have been biking to work most days. Last week was “fun” to bike to work; it was cold and wet, rain every morning. I am really looking forward to summer when the warm and hot weather comes around; I am getting tired of having to still put on my coat in the morning for the bike rides. It does not look like rest of this week will be much better then last week was, well at lest I got 3 days of no rain for my ride to work.
I hope and pray that Monday will be warm and sunny as they are saying over at the NOAA’s web site, I want to see if I can get some biking in on Monday. I am talking with a few of my friends to see if they want to maybe get together for a bike ride, maybe a trip down to Ohiopile would be cool, but right now I am thinking of taking the T out to South Park (or maybe bike over there) and bike around there, or if I can not get any one to come I will just head out and see where I can get lost at.

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