Mac, reboot after reboot after reboot (yes I am talking about a mac not windows here)

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Published on: May 13, 2006

On my make I am trying to do something on my mac that should take only 2 minutes, but since the latest update from apple I can not expect my mac to work at all, I have had to reboot it 20 times in the last 30 minutes to do anything, there is something wrong with what they have done with the video drivers on the last update. Before the update things were working fine, now I get one of two thing happening. First the computer will just freeze, or Second the image around the mouse pointer will distort (this is usually when I try to open up a menu) then freeze. Heck not even windows was ever this unstable, and apple controls the hardware, this should (as they advertise) “just work” heck at this point I am beginning to believe that windows is more stable then OS X, and that is not saying much since windows is so unstable. At this point if I leave my mac on with any screen saver (other then blanking the screen) the mac will freeze up when it enters into the screen saver, it freezes when I use the F9 key (or for that matter F10 and F11) I have looked in the logs, and it does show some massive dumbs from the kernel module about the ATI video card. I hope that if apple releases a new fix, that they fix the video card issue, at this point my mac is useless, utterly useless.
I am just glad that Linux is still the work horse it has always been, stable, reliable, and just works, you set it up, it stays setup.

  1. amy says:

    have you tried rebooting with the Mac OS X cd? Try that, insert the disk, reboot holding the c button down, then do a disk repair. you may have to do it a couple of times, but it should fix your problem. (from a mac tech) Good luck, and God Bless

  2. That would not have fixed the problem. I found out what the problem is. It is bad hardware, most eMacs shipped at that time, have bad video cards, that all fail 1 year and 6 months after they are bought (just out of warranty) the way to “fix” the problem is to turn off the extensions (drivers) for the video card, and use the lowest built in stuff for video.
    Just search the internet (or Apples own support forum) for eMac Freeze.

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