Free Time (where did it go?)

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Published on: March 22, 2006

OK, I know where it went but gee I miss it. The “problem” is as follows, I now have a longer commute to work (instead of 5 minutes it is now 15 minutes) I am heading into work earlier since it is a longer bike ride and I will sweat I think it would only be nice if I did take a shower when I get there so I don’t smell up the place. Then since I am trying to pick up the Irish Tin Whistle, I have dedicated about 30 minutes a day to practise. Then, I am trying to correct a bad habit of mine, I have not really been saying prayers at night, so I have set aside about half an hour a day for that. I am working out of the Lutheran Hymnal for the service of Vespers for it, and using a supplemental book called the Daily office to go with it. So right there I have just taken about 2.5 hours out of my that I use to have, so I am trying to get every thing I use to do in, with 2.5 hours less. Oh well, maybe I should cut some things out, or maybe I have to many hobbies lets see I have

  • biking
  • keeping fish
  • Ham Radio
  • Short Wave Radio Listening
  • Police band scanning
  • Armature Photography
  • Irish Tin Whistle (a new hobby I will admit)
  • This blog (I do consider this blog a hobby)

Oh well what is life with out hobbies, and hobbies add riches to life, man I must be one of the richest people alive with the amount of hobbies I have ;-).

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