“The Ultimate in Logic” was just used over at QRZ.com

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Published on: February 20, 2006

Well as I said in the post “Watch out for the fire storm in Ham radio to start” Well over at QRZ the fire storm did really start around page 10 it is starting to get really funny, there is major hate going on. There is one guy there that when ever someone posts a comment that is in favor of dropping the code and the person is only a Technician class operator, he will respond with the following
Callsign: Class: Technician
So I decided to asking him “what does some one’s Class have to do with anything, unless you believe they are less of a person or ham because they are not as high as you.” and I got the following responded (and I kid you not)
If you don’t have a CDL, then how should your opinions about over-the-road hauling be taken?
{sarcasm}Wow what logic, I am blown away by that brilliant logic{/sarcasm}
The problem with that logic, is it says unless you have license or degree in an area you are not allowed to have an opine in it, aka the contour example I gave is that by that logic maybe most people should not vote since most people don’t have a license to practice law, I was trying to show how stupid that logic the person gave was.

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