The Short Wave bands

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Published on: February 20, 2006

Tonight I turned on my Short Wave radio for the first time in about a month and a half, I had not turned it on in a while since back about a month and a half ago the bands seemed to be dead aka I was not getting anything. Well tonight I am getting a lot of stuff, I was getting stuff in the range of 1.6Mhz to 4.8Mhz and I had not really gotten things in that range even 2 months ago. I am getting things all over the short wave radio bands tonight, this is just so great, I love it when things come in all over the place it is such a great thing to listen to, in my opion. So if you are a Short Wave fan, the bands are open tonight, I hope they stay open for a long time.
To give you an idea how open they must be, I live in an apartment so I can not have an outside attena, so I have 450 feet of wire that I strung around my apartment as the attenna, so if you live in a house and can get an outside attena, you will be so happy with what you can recive.

  1. Rob says:

    Have you considered a stealth antenna? A fine copper wire painted dull gray can be virtually invisible. Alternatively, if the apartment has gutters, can you get a wire onto a gutter and use the gutter as an antenna? I’ve heard of someone loading a doorknob. Of course, people have also connected their line to two cars and used the cars as a dipole!

    If you’re just receiving, it’s a bit less of a problem than if you’re transmitting.

    Remember, under the new rules, you have to be able to show that your transmissions don’t harm anyone else. If you’re low power or QRP, it’s pretty trivial.

  2. Well since I am a NCT, I am just receiving so I don’t have to worry on the attena’s problems for SW, right now I am listening to Radio China (english)
    I do like listing to international news stations, but I will have to think about that fine copper wire, the building does not have gutters, but my church (right next door) does 😉

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