The one for the Thumb, Here we go Steelers Here we go

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Published on: February 5, 2006

Well this was funny today. First before I get into what I found funny, I will admit I am 1 of the 5 non-football fans in Pittsburgh, yes there are about 5 of us in the city, please please don’t hunt us down and kill us ;-). Also I have a friend that lives in Findly Ohio, Trish, who is a big football fan I remember some time before last years season her calling me up all excited to tell me that the Steelers drafted Ben Roethlisberger, I responded “Who is he? and is that good?” She in an exasperated voice says “MIKE!” Then goes on to tell me about him apparently he was a big star when he was in High School in Findly, Ohio — as most of Pittsburghers probably already know. So today I was talking with Trish on IM and the following conversation went down.
(22:32:56) PrgLnx: Hi, how are you, question for you, I keep hearing that there is some sort of sporting event tomorrow, did you hear about it? 😉
(22:35:09) xxxxx: very funny and yes, it is a Super Bowl.
(22:35:14) xxxxx: Go Ben!
(22:35:26) PrgLnx: I know, so you hoping for the “One for the Thumb”
(22:36:32) xxxxx: What does that mean?
(22:37:09) PrgLnx: “One for the Thumb” = the Steelers have in the past won 4 Super Bowls, so that is one for the Little Ring, Middle, and Index finger
(22:37:21) PrgLnx: so the 5th is the “One for the Thumb”
(22:37:34) xxxxx: oh
(22:38:02) PrgLnx: You should have known that you are a football fan, and I am one of the 5 in the city of Pittsburgh that does not follow football
(22:39:47) xxxxx: LOL, but remember, your QB is from my neck of the woods.
Note I have x’ed her IM name out for her privacy. But I was kind of shocked a Football fan that is following Ben Roethlisberger big time did not know the phrase, “One for the Thumb” even I some one that has only seen 4 football games in his entire life knows that phrase. Yes I have only seen 4 football games, 2 when I was in High School, my High Schools Team, The Crusaders, of Canevin Catholic High School (yes I did feel out of place there as a Lutheran, also I was a computer geek back then so that even put me further out of place) and 2 Super Bowls at the Super Bowl parties at my church for the last 2 years, this year will mark the 5 foot ball game I ever watched. When I was in high school I will admit I did not understand the game, it was not till 2 years ago when I went to the Super Bowl party at my church that some one told me what was going on, I still don’t like foot ball but I now know the rules.
Yes PrgLnx is my IM name. And that probably was a very bad joke I did about only hearing about some sporting event, that one is almost bound to get me killed here in Pittsburgh — “A drinking town with a football problem.”
And finally I probably should put this in “Here we go Steelers, Here we go” I do hope they win tomorrow, and humiliate the seahawk, I hope they do to the seahawks what the Seanators did to the Penguins on Thursday night ;-).
I bet if the Steelers win (which they will) that Feb 5 will be declared a Pittsburgh Holoday.

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