Save the GOP has a good post on the Pat Robertson problem

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Published on: January 6, 2006

Save the GOP asks a great question over at their site. And that is, “does anyone take Pat Robertson seriously anymore, or have we all agreed he’s the Al Sharpton of the right?”
I mean come on Pat Robertson is a moon-bat, I don’t think he ever spoke for the right, nor has he spoken for the Christians of this nation, nor did he ever speak for the Religious Right. I have always thought of the “700 club” as more of a show for people in some bizarre cult, not a Christian show. And he last year and this year has show just how off the wall he is. The sad thing is that many on the left judge the right by Pat Robertson, but that is just as crazy as judging the left by Al Sharpton.
To my friends that are on the left side of polotics, please please don’t judge us based on the moon-bat Pat Robertson.

  1. Max says:

    I don’t judge the right by pat robertson, jerry falwell, etc, but it’s a sad state of affairs when you have to make an explicit distinction between a crazy religious zealot and a republican or a conservative, don’t you think?

  2. The reason I say that is because the BCC (an like news agencys) have wrote “Evangelical Christians are an important part of the president’s core support” aka saying that pat robertson speaks for all Evangelical Christians, or “Not for the first time in recent months, elements on the Republican Party’s religious wing are causing it embarrassment.” No is not the Party’s religious wing that is causing it embarrassment but just the idiot pat robertson. The story I am quoteing from is at
    or look at and you will see the following quote about him “Conservative Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson” that reads he is the leader of all conservative Christians. and see for the nice quote about Christians “For the record, Pat Roberson is an idiot. What a lovely example for christians everywhere.”
    What i am saying is that people think he reperesents all conservative Christians, not just his own little cult.

  3. Max says:

    you really should stop quoting blogs. All blogs are bullshit, 99% of their content are lies and opinions, not facts. Pat Robertson is not a democrat, he’s a republican. Anyone will agree with me when I say that Pat Robertson holds some political power for the republicans (compared to you at least, the guy has a show and millions of followers and you know how well blind religious zealots follow the leader). So the article is correct, Pat Robertson is an element of the Republican Party. He’s religious. Nuff said. But hey, freedom of speech, he’s allowed to say the stupid things he says, the problem is he’s hurting the republicans with his rants. My real fear is that the republicans don’t really care as much for the religious groups, they care more than the democrats sure, but the problem with religious zealots is that they have ‘faith’ and follow blindly, not realizing those leaders could lead them into trouble (see: Nazi Germany). I really hope that the highly religious people will focus on their agenda and not on simply party lines.

  4. The reason I quoted the blogs is because yes they are BS, but they also represent what people are talking about, like you could use my blog to show what some pro-lifers are saying about the current PA election.

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