Just got back from skiing

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Published on: January 21, 2006

Well I just got back from the skiing trip with my friend from church. I will admit I was a bit nervous about it before the trip, but I believe things should be tried at lest once. I was nervous because two years before I tried snow boarding, and ended up damaging my knee and let me tell you a cortisone shot is no fun at all. But skiing is much more easer the snowboarding (I will never go snowboarding again, once was enough for me). I only fell once, and that was when my friend (who got me the cheap lift ticket and rentals) was teaching me how to ski. I made 4 runs down the slops today. My legs do feel like jello right now, but it was fun. I am now ready to go and pass out for the night. I would like to go skiing again, I did really enjoy it. We went up to 7-springs and they had a layer of artificial snow down.

1 Comment
  1. Sean says:

    Next you ought to try real skiing… cross-country skiing. 🙂 Then your legs really will be jello. There’s a good place to go a few miles south of 7 Springs… but the best places are White Grass in Canaan Valley, WV and Allegany State Park (yes, its spelled Allegany) in New York north of Bradford.

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