Ed Rendell claims to spend more on Pittsburgh then Philadelphia

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Published on: January 6, 2006

Ed Rendell claims to spend more on Pittsburgh then Philadelphia, but lets look at the numbers that comes from KDKA (a liberal news source) and they quote Rendell’s numbers from his people. The proof they use to claim they spend more on Pittsburgh is the per person cost in Pittsburgh compared to Philadelphia. Now lets look at some numbers. In 2000 Pittsburgh had a population of 334563 and Philadelphia had a population of 1517550. That gives the total for Pittsburgh at $210,774,690.00 and Philadelphia at $541,765,350.00. Now we all know that the cities are not stagnate in population size. The estimate for Pittsburgh population for lest year was 322450 so using that number the total would be $203,143,500.00 and the estimated total population for Philadelphia is 1470151 that would give a total of $524,843,907.00.
Both cities are in danger of the loss of people out of the city, If this rate of people making an egress from the 2 cities they might find that they are not cities anymore, but ghost towns.
Sources for the population info I used here
http://philadelphia.areaconnect.com/statistics.htm 2000
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia,_Pennsylvania 2004
Yes I know you can not really trust wikipedia, but I did need some estimate for 2004 population of Philadelphia, so take that grain of salt with that, also 2004 population for both are just estimates so the numbers can not be 100% correct.
Also a quote from Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato “We haven’t seen this much help and this much money from the state in the last three decades” but of cource I don’t know how much money the County Controler really sees of money going to Pittsburgh, I don’t know who well the Goverment of Pittsburgh, and the Goverment of Allegheny County communicate so that could be a moot point.

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