Intelligent Design: We have some new allies in this debate, and they are not Christians

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Published on: December 13, 2005

The Sun Sentinel in Florida is running a story on how a Orthodox Jewish group is joining in on the fight for Intelligent Design. I will admit I am not surprised by it, since the book of Geneses is the first book of the Bible (the Old Testament) and the Old Testament comes right out of the Torah. So both Christians and Jews share the book of Geneses (the first Book of Moses).

  1. Reference: Plain Dealer, Jan 01,2006

    A little child asks,”Where did I come from?” But when the child grows up, he or she cannot ask the question in science class. This is nonsensical, especially since Charles Darwin himself questioned his findings late in life, as if he was a child again. If the big bang can be discussed in science class based on imagination, then certainly something like Intelligent Design should be discussed too.

    In the past, philosophy acted as a buffer between science and religion. Today, for the most part, we have only a survey or history of Philosophy. Philosophy should be the study of being as being. It is the missing link today.

    Intelligent Design evolved from this vacuum. Students in any class, including science, should be able to ask about the ultimate starter of the universe. It is the only natural thing to do. It is part of evolvings, as Charles Darwin did.

    Ray Tapajna

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  2. kgb says:

    Hi Mike,

    I think it should be “allies” in the headline, not “alias”. Also, might I suggest “Jewish group” instead of “Jew group”? While Christian is both a noun an adjective, Jew is a noun. Jewish is an adjective.



  3. KGB,

    Thanks corrections made.

  4. Max says:

    I really don’t know what the big argument is. Evolution is a science, meaning it’s all things that are observed and tested. Sure, it’s not perfect, far from it, but everything in it has been observed and proven… until they get more facts, then they revise, using the scientific process. From what I can see, intelligent design just says there’s a higher power that started it all. It’s an interesting hypothesis, but how would you test for or against it? You can’t. So, it’s not scientific. So, intelligent design is not scientific. It should be taught, sure, but if the world considers science and evolution as global criteria for education (as opposed to, say, religious studies), why would we be exempt from the rest of the planet, especially in the time of global competition (that we’re losing). Can anyone explain to me how intelligent design is scientific, in that, how it can prove, scientifically, that there is a master designer. The other stuff it says and how many scientists back it up does not make it a science. I must be missing something, no?

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