A strange place to find fun

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Published on: December 13, 2005

Ok this first some back history, the back history is nothing good, in fact I would say it is awful. Today when I was heading out of the office, I found a woman who was having trouble getting up a hill, Fillmore St, because all of the ice on the road, the road was pretty much a sheet of ice. I found out from her that she was original going down the hill, but her car had spun 180 degrees on her. That got to be scary for any one. Well here is where the fun did start. I tried to help her by pushing on the back of her car, as she tried to gas it so she could get going. Well I did not have the strength to do it, so I got the idea that I would get some of the salt that is at the back door of the building I work at, I was not even a minute walk away from the office. There I find a coworker who helps us out, we first drop allot of the salt under her tires and around where she, we hope, would be driving so she could get some traction. After we did that George and I get behind her car, we found a small spot that was not ice were we could plant our feet, and pushed as she hit the gas. It was fun and what a thrill when her tires got traction and she was able to get going. I know an odd place to find some fun and a thrill but still.
While we were talking, BSing more like it while we were putting down the ice, we find out she is also a fellow CMU employee, she works in SEI, and George and I are in CASOS (under ISRI)

  1. Rob says:

    You did good. In St. Louis, when I was in college, we used to go out on Big Bend and help the cars.

    I’m glad you weren’t run over. Interesting: that’s not what the 20 y/o Rob would have been concerned about.

  2. You that is a great idea, it could be alot of fun, finding a road where there would be alot of problems, take a bag of salt got out and want till some one has some problem and be there to help with salt and a push if need be.

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