Blogs I started to read in 2005

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Published on: December 31, 2005

Back in 2004 I started my blog. But I did not start reading other’s blogs until this year. I am going to list the blogs that I started to read on a regular basis this year.

  1. Rob over at Unspace
  2. Pastor Stiegemeyer from Concordia Lutheran Church
  3. Power Ball’s blog
  4. WA3FKG’s (Ken’s) blog, a fellow Ham in the Pittsburgh area
  5. SimDan, a Internet friend of mine that John Hogg introduced me to
  6. Russ Lucas’ blog, he is a Attorney, and a friend of mine from church, also a fellow Hockey fan
  7. bloggledygook
  8. Small but Disorganized
  9. The Ice Burgh, a hockey blog
  10. Igloo Dreams, yet another hockey blog
  11. Random Thoughts Of A Confessional Lutheran
  12. Patrick Wagstrom, some one I know from CMU
  13. John Dvorak, good on computer stuff, but on political stuff, so liberal it is not funny
  14. Mark Rauterkus’, a local Libertarian Politician, that is also running for city counsel next year.
  15. Michelle Malkin, a good colonist, I really like her blog, now this is a blog that leans the same way I do politically

Yes there are some blogs in there that are of different political options then mine, but hay if you can not deal with some one with a different political option then you probably should not live in the US, that is one good thing about the US, we are not forced to agree on thing

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