Tropical Depression 19

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Published on: October 1, 2005

Well TD19 has formed. It is not the same system they have been watching for the last few days. They are still watching the one south of the Gulf of Mexico, but TD19 is now formed, they are expecting this to turn into a tropical storm. If this one does turn into a tropical storm it will be named Tropical Storm Stan. So in the next few days we might be watching Stan cross the Atlantic. I don’t think this one will ever make land fall, but it will be nice to watch. Lets all hope that the tropical wave that they are watching that is south of the Gulf does not form into anything.
In the Eastern Pacific they are tracking Hurricane Otis right now. They belive it might hit Mexico. It could in theory travil up into AZ as a Tropical Depression and drop alot of rain into the desert.

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