The Coyote’s game

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Published on: October 8, 2005

Here is my review of the Minnesota vs Phoenix game. It was a good game a bitter fight to the very end of the game. In the first Period there was a big fight, and I do mean big, there were at lest 5 people involved in it. There was a slashing penalty that started it then the teams went for it, but the way that the penalties were handed out there was a 5 on 3 power play for the coyotes, but Nash of the Coyotes was ejected from the game. With 54 seconds left in the 5 on 3 the Coyotes get a penalty and end up with a 4 on 3 for the 54 seconds. during the 4 on 3 Minnesota breaks the 0 – 0 tie with the first point of the game with 6:28 left in the first period. Also during the first period Nagy does a great break away, but he is tripped by one of the Minnesota players, and gets a penalty shot, which he puts to great use and ties the game.
The Tie breaking gaol cam lat in the third period by #19 with only 4:42 left in the third and the game was set at Coyotes 2 and Wilds 1. With only 1 minute left in the game the Wilds pull their goalie in the hopes that the extra player on the ice could get them a gaol to tie the game, but it did not work, and the Coyotes end the game with their first win, 2-1.
I will say that the Coyotes have a brave set of defense men, they were putting themselves in the path of the puck to block it, there was one block by the defense men that bounced off his shoulder, they have got some good defense men, and if a team has a great set of defense men their goalie’s job will be all that much easier.

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