The Penguins game

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Published on: October 14, 2005

What a game. Sadly I was wrong (When I said I think the Pens would win by 1 point) the Pens lost 5-6. But there was this goal that was just unbelievable, face off at center ice, Talbot won a face off (score was 4-5) he fired the puck to the other side of the ice, the Flyers goalie was not paying attention and the puck went in to the goal, tied the game at 5-5. Near the game, the Flyers fired a shot that should had been a goal but our goalie (Caron) made an incredible save, it was not the main shot, the main shot bounced of the right goal post, but a Flyer made a second shot that Caron saved just before it went over the line. Even the gaol judge thought it was a goal, it had to be reviewed. The Pens did not win, but it still was a great game.

I have a friend that has never seen a game, and this was the first game he ever saw, so it was a good game for him to see. Also I had my pastor over and he though it was a good game.

The Penguin’s game

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Published on: October 8, 2005

When I was younger I was told that a team that allowed more then 3 or 4 goals against them has some real problems that they need to look at. Well tonight’s game for the Penguins both teams allowed more then 4 goals (6 or more). As much as I hate to say this I don’t believe the Penguins will do well this season. At 10pm I got tired of the Penguins game, so I jumped over to the Minnesota vs Phoenix game. I just checked the score and saw that the Penguins lost in over time, oh well. I will post a review of the Coyotes game later, it is still the first period and turning out to be a good game. It is now between the first ans second period now, and period 2 should start very soon.

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