Apple unveils video iPod

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Published on: October 12, 2005

I guess the rumors were right. I wonder will this mean that apple will be soon selling movies though the iTMS, if they do I guess they will have to rename it to iTS (iTunes store) I wonder what the prices will be, and will we be able to burn them to DVDs so we can watch them on normal DVD players connected to a real TV. I will admit when I watch a movie I don’t want to site in front of the computer, I would rather then site in a more comfortable chair to watch it.

Speaking of iTunes, on feature I would like to see, is that you can setup iTunes to copy all music to your iPod except the files that are in a special Play List. I have some podcasts that do not work though the iTunes podcast feature, I have to use a different program because they require validation since it is a subscription service, but when I put them in my iTunes music library, they are all loaded on the iPod, and I would like to have them not loaded to the iPod. Or a way to mass select some mp3’s and uncheck them so they will not be loaded to the iPod.

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