Video blogs (I hope this never happens)

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Published on: September 18, 2005

We now have normal blogs, photo blogs, and audio blogs (podcasts) I partly dread the day that Video blogs (or vblogs) start to hit be done. Just what we all want, to see some fat guy sitting at a desk talking about what he does not like or what he likes doing nothing. I can imagine some cool things that could be done with a vblog, but there are a few things that could be done good, but beyond those few things, it would not be a good thing for a vblog to start to take the main stream. The only thing that would be worse would be a sblog (or smell blog, lets just all be greatfull that the internet can not transmite smells 😉 )
The sad thing is, I have a video blog already have one, see here. So I guess it might be to late to say “I hope it never happens” because it has happend and I am the one that is doing it. Be afraid be very afraid!!!

  1. Max Rossin says:

    yeah, almost as bad as reading somebodies private diary, commenting on it, and calling it a web blog 😛

    If we have to have video blogs or regular blogs, I’d pick video blogs every time. Why? no friggin content the search engines will crawl. Now when I search for anything, I’ll get mostly blog results. If everything is video, and you thankfully can’t crawl video [yet?], then we won’t have this problem. It’ll also eliminate the popularity of blogs, since video takes up a lot more space and you need to have a higher speed connection to view it. Video blogs for everyone!

    Speaking of which, if video blogs take over, imagine porn video blogs! lol

  2. Porn Video blogs,, oh no max now you done it, we will see by this time next week 1000’s of them on the net 😉

  3. Max Rossin says:

    Porn Video Blogs, Porn Blogs, Pblogs, P-Blogs, PVBs, and all other combinations of Porn, Video, and Blog(s) are copyright CerberusS Interactive Inc., 1999-2005. All Rights Reserved. Now watch me rake in the dough!

  4. Do I get a small cut for helping you come up with that idea?? oh please oh please.

  5. Max Rossin says:

    I’ll give you 5% commission from what I get as providing the first free marketing medium I’ve used. (certain rules and restrictions may apply. See store for details)

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