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Published on: September 18, 2005

I am going to see if I can get my Ham Radio forums going again. This time I am going to work on defining it better. First I am going to define it for Western Pennsylvania, aka the Pittsburgh region. I am also going to add a scanner section. Now that we are Podcasting I am going to see if I can use that to get the HamRadioBB forum going. All are welcome. To hams that might be interested in it, please use your call sign when you register so we all know we are talking to, and maybe can recognize each other on the air.

  1. Tom Folsom says:

    You just commented on my site – so… KB3CRZ.. how ya doing? 😛

    I haven’t used my license in awhile, but still in the back of my mind that I will at some point on this side of the state.

  2. Hi, ya I did post at your site. Nice to meet you Tom, my call is KB3HCG. Well maybe I will hear you on the air some time in the future.

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