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Published on: September 29, 2005

I think I am subscribed to too many Podcasts. I am so far behind on them, I have on my iPod about 1.2 days of podcasts (total listening to time) Today while at work I killed 7 of those hours, I am going to be up later to do more work tonight, and should be able to kill off another 5 hours of it. Today my computer at home should have pulled down about 8 more hours to listen too. Good thing that the weekend is comming up, a time for me to catch up on my listening since on the days of the weekend iTunes only pulls down 3 hours on each of those days.
The Podcasts that I listen to are as follows:
Issues, Etc (a LCMS show that is 3 hours long on weekdays and 2 hours on Sunday, This is my favorit one, it is hosted by Pr. Todd Wilken it is one of the best talk shows out there IMO)
Law and Gospel (another LCMS show, that is 1 hour every weekdays)
Rush Limbaugh (the Podcast is only about 1.5 hours on the weekdays, since the bumper music and comercials are removed)
Coast to Coast AM (I find this show funny as all get out, there people they have on it take themselfs seriously. I would listen to it on the radio, but it is on at 1am in the morrning, and I like to sleep and this is only 2 hours a day every day)
So that is what I like to listen to and they all are talk shows.

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