On the bike ride home today

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Published on: September 21, 2005

I had a funny thing happen to me on the bike ride home today. While I was coming down Bayard St this young girl in a red BMW must not have liked the fact that I was on “her” road. So even though there was plenty of room to pass me while staying in the right lane, she reeves her engine and passes on the left side of the road, and just as she passes she reeves the engine again, and I think she put it in neutral so that the engine would sound very loud. Then she speed off. The funny part is at the next red light I caught up with her, and passed her then stopped in front of her at the light. At that point I look back at her, this is the point where I find out she is a she, I would have thought she would have been a young 16 year old boy by the way she was acting in the car when she passed me. At that point I could not help it I just had to laugh at her for her stupidity, when the light turned green I went straight and she turned right, so it does not seemed to have saved her any time at all acting like that. Just one of those moments where some one tries to show off but just makes a fool out of themselves.

1 Comment
  1. kb3iby says:

    When will people grow up, and get over themselves as the king of the road. I wish I had $10 bucks for everytime someone buzzed me like that. I’d probably have enough money saved up to buy one of them Lance Armstrong Trek bikes by now. My problem is, when I get buzzed, it’s usually a guy with 3 spit cups (strategically placed), in a pickup truck with oversized tires. “See ya’ll at the truck pull”, is usually what I think to myself.

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