Dropping some of the domains I have

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Published on: September 21, 2005

Well today I found out that one of my domains I owned expired a while back, I never got notice of this, I never got a renewal notice for that domain either. Another one I have expires today, I can not for the life of me figure out how to renew domains with my registrar. I looked though their KB but there is no information there, I looked though their online forum on how to do this, again no info, the 3 people that asked were just told to email them about how to do it. Well I will have to say no major major loss. The first geeksforlife.org I was hoping to do something with but I could never get any one there that is the one that I will say was stolen for the most part and write it off as lost. The other one is congeek.com. Again I tried to do something with that but the people that were helping me with that and I never really had the time for it, so I am going to give up and let it get lost, I tried a few things we will see if it stays, if it stays I will have it for another year, but I am thinking I should just write it off now. I figure I will just keep the 2 that seams to be having any thing done with them. This one mikeoconnor.net (it expires in Feb of next year so in Jan I will be emailing my registrar about renewal) and hamradiobb.com that one expires next month so I should start looking into how to renew it. So I am going to go from 4 domains to 2 domains.

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