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Published on: September 20, 2005

I am thinking about seeing if I can get a bike ride going of the hams in the Pittsburgh area, I first mentioned it on the traffic net tonight. I came up with the idea when some one else on the traffic net said that he went for a nice bike ride today. I found out that there were at lest two other cyclists on the traffic net other then me. So I am going to see if I can plan something out, and see if I can get something going. I figure I would setup a ham radio operator’s bike ride for Sunday at 2pm. So if you are a ham and want to go, jump onto the 146.88 repeater at 8:00pm because I figure I will plan with people after the traffic net (the traffic net is at 8 so the planning should be be after that, it could be anytime from 8:15pm to 8:35pm depending on the amount of traffic, or comments on the net.) You can give me a call if you want my call sign is KB3HCG.

  1. kb3iby says:

    Hey Mike,
    Just jumped onto your blog, and noticed the bike ride for Hams. I’m guessing the net was last night, so I did’nt get to hear it. Did you get anybody with an interest in the ride?

  2. No we did not plan last night, I will talk about it after the net for rest of the week so jump on tonight or tomorrow night, and we will get it together.

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