Blue grass/Country music on Short wave radio

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Published on: August 27, 2005

I finally found my first music station on the short wave radio bands. The stuff that they had on that station was nothing like what you would find on the local (nationally owned) commercial stations. Normally I will make jokes about country and blue grass music as not being real music, but this stuff is pretty good. This station was at about 7.4 MHz to 7.5 MHz. I will have to say this is nothing like what you will hear on any of the commercial (nationally owned) stations. I am impressed by this music I have found. I decided to check out to see if there is any of them on the iTMS, and not a signal one on the iTMS. I still hate the country music that are on the local stations, but this stuff is completely different to the point I am not sure they are really in the same genre of music.
I am starting to belive more people should invest in a good short wave reciver. I got lucky my parents are loaning to me their old Lafayette radio, that they were not using, when they loaned it to me it took some work to fix it up to get it working, I do need to find a place to find some vacuum tubes incase the ones in this radio fail on me.

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