These spammers are getting annoying

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Published on: July 26, 2005

These spammers are getting annoying; today I got over 100 spams on my blog in the form of trackbacks. I have so far deleted all of them, so that they don’t get any Google benefit of them being linked too, also I have been banning there IP’s. I know most of the IP’s will be of anonymous proxies, but I don’t really care if an anonymous proxies can see my site, and after those come Russian IP’s followed by German sites. Most of my readers (99.9%) of them are in the US, the only reader I really care about that is out of the US is my sister. And I know her IP address, and to my understanding she and her husband have a static IP. I have to find a way to verify if a trackback is a true one or just a spammer. One thing I have seen so far is I get 2 weeks of incredible amount of comment spam, then it is followed by 3 weeks of no spam, then it repeats like that. I hope some day to have an IP ban list that will kill most of the spam.

  1. Jimmy Cerra says:

    Save those spams. You can use them to train a Bayesian network to identify and filter them out.

  2. Well it not that hard to spot them, they all are identical, and point to the same transexual porn site. If I could just filter based on the web link I could kill the spam for weeks at a time based on the first spam.

  3. One thing I will be doing after this round of spamming is done, I am going to try to analize the IP address and attempt to id spamming ISP’s and just ban those ISP IP ranges.

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