FCC to dump CW on tests for Ham radio

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Published on: July 26, 2005

Well the FCC has finally done it, they are dumping the CW requerment for higher level tests. I will admit I don’t care one way or the other. The only problem I see, is the old big pot belly hams are going to start to harasses No Code hams even more. I don’t go on much any more because one of the big pot bellies hams just was relentless, every single time he and I were on the same repeater he would dive into it. I don’t to do HF, nor do I care about CW, so why should I get a CW ticket if I am not going to use it, or try to go for a HF ticket. Pointless. The good things about it, is maybe there will be more people using those bands (I will not be), and maybe the older hams that are threatening to get out of ham radio if CW is dropped just might finally do it, and clean up the air, and make it a more pleasant place to go on the air.
Sorry for shouting there, but it is more of a statement I want to get back to a particular ham, just to let him know I am for the drop, just to spite him.

  1. Rob says:

    I’ll still use CW. How many data modes can you do by ear? But I won’t mind that they dropped the code requirement.

    My first CW contact was on 2m!

  2. Rob I will admit I don’t really care one way or the other, part of my post was a lash out at a Big Pot Belly ham in Pittsburgh. Most hams in the Pittsburgh area should know who I am talking about when I talk about a Big Pot Belly ham. Part of the problem was that particulare ham made it not only unfun to be on the radio, but more of a pain to be on the radio, where I did not like going on, and I don’t go on as often as I use to, I will go months with out powering up the radio. Also may I ask what your call is, mine is kb3hcg.

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